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Hello everyone.

My name is Kiran Patel a Veteran of United State Navy writing about my realtor Mr. Romesh Panchal. I knew few realtors, but Romesh was one of the best realtor I had. When my tenant left my rental property without any notice, I decided to put house in the market; But I had many things to fix in the house. I was kind of nervous to sell my property in this situation, but I called Mr. Romesh. He came on time at my property and gave me good suggestions about property improvement before putting into the market. His wife also helped him during property improvement. Next day Romesh send his handyman to my house to give me an estimate. Romesh and his wife chose few items for my house and his handyman fixed house in few days. I followed market price to sell my house and in 3 months I was able to sell my house with good price. I am really thankful to Mr. Romesh and his team to make my property transaction very easy. I am really appreciated Mr. Romesh for his hard work. I recommend this realtor without any hesitation.

Kiran Patel

Romesh is hardworking & caring individual.

Who listen to every needs & requirements of ours and got the result really fast that realtors before him was not able to. We highly recommend him.


Panchal Realtor is the best!

They are very professional and handled the sale of my house with great care, they explained everything very clearly and from start to finish. Best of all they sold my house quickly when other homes similar to my are still on the market. Thank you team Panchal !


Searching for a new home in a distant location proved to be difficult, so we needed an agent with plenty of experience and knowledge for that area.

Luckily, we found a qualified agent such as Romesh to guide us through the process in Orlando. It was great that he was always available to answer questions, and provide us with prompt updates. Plus, he was quick to resolve any concerns we had, which made things go along more smoothly with less stress. I highly recommend Romesh to anyone who is searching for a professional they can trust to fight for their best interest.


Romesh was very responsive to all requests and provided great status updates throughout the buying process.

He went above and beyond our expectations to help my out-of-state parents buy their condo. I highly recommend him.


Mr and Mrs Panchal were excellent in helping me in acquiring my properties in Orlando.

From start to finish they were present and available when I had questions. Went above and beyond in bargaining a good deal for me from the builders. Once the purchase was done also introduced me to local property management and has kept in touch with my needs as I am out of state owner. Highly recommend to go with Mr and Mrs Panchal for your real estate needs .


One of the best realtor we have met in our life who would actually do more than thought of.

His motive was not only just help me finding me the house but also took care of my financial line which actually helped me getting the house within my budget and makes me feel like dream come true. We were so impressed by his hard work that we actually referred to my family and friends are trying to buy a property in here and were impressed with the house that we bought it through the help of Mr. Romesh Panchal. I would likely to say thanks to Mr. Romesh from me and my family from the bottom of my heart for helping us and finding us the property that we really couldn't have got it without his help

P nishita2005

Romesh Panchal was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent.

Panchal never left any questions unanswered, always responded promptly and available any time whenever you need his service.Very sincere and dedicated towards what he does. I would highly recommend him over others as he was able to save us thousands of dollars through effective negotiation. I know it from experience as we were able to buy our dream home quickly.


Romesh is a good agent with extensive knowledge of the Orlando market.

We had a very smooth and efficient closing. Well be sure to use him for our future needs


He is very good and very communicative.

He has excellent knowledge about whats going on and how to deal. he knows how to solve a problem. He sold our house in 2 weeks. I highly recommend Romesh Panchal as your realtor. Mr. Romesh Panchal, I really thankful to you.


We had great experience with Romesh & Sonal Panchal team!

They both are very much helpful finding great home for our family and help allot with negotiations and choosing the correct place to buy.

nd shah1

Romesh did a wonderful job shepherding us through the sale even though the property was in Florida and we lived out of state.

He kept me abreast of the process and helped close any gaps in the mechanics of making sure we made it to close.


Very professional and trusty realtor.

It was a pleasure working with him. He helped us finding our dream house and made sure that the process would be very smooth. I would recommend him highly. Thank you Romesh ..


Romesh was very helpful and resourceful.

We closed in a quick time frame due to seller's needs during the holiday season and his attention to the process and our needs did not waiver. We felt that he was on our team and willing to walk away if the deal was not right for us. We would refer him to anyone who could use his services.


I and my wife are very impressed with him.

He has done fantastic work for us. We found he has intimate knowledge about real estate market. We never felt forced to make an offer. In short he is professional as well as friendly. He is always on our side working to make our house. He showed us ample of houses without any hesitation as my wife is quiet picky. The best part about him that he is always more focused on answering our questions as we are first time buyer.

30 manu

Romesh&Sonal Negotiated excellent price for me.

He also updated me on every step of the process.Always responded to my phone calls. I gave him 2 zip codes and school requirement that i needed, and within few days found home for me. I highly recommend them without hesitation, if fact 2 of my friends are already dealing with him. Romesh&Sonal keep it up.


So this is my second house that i bought with Romesh and he is such an excellent negotiator.

He convinced me to buy this amazing property and worked very hard to find a better mortgage company which has better interest rates for investment property. I am very thankful to Romesh for making me buy this house. He negotiated very hard with Lennar Homes and got me an amazing deal. Also once i bought the house, he actually found me a rental management company and a tenant to move in within 15 days. I could not have asked for better realtor than Romesh. I will definitely use him forever.

Shiv kompella

Mr Panchal found us our dream home and helped with negotiating the price.

He has been there for us every step of the closing process. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor.


Great agent!

Willing to show as many homes as needed before we made a decision. Was very patient with us and took the time to explain all quesions and concerns.


As I searched for a new home in Orlando remotely from California, Romesh & Sonal became my eyes, ears and advisors.

They were determined in finding what I wanted & needed, and managed the process with utmost professionalism and confidence through the closing. When things got complicated, they were by my side to work it out. They are an amazing team and I highly recommend them.


he is very good and very good communicative.

he helped me to make this happen. other wise I was getting frustrated with all paper works. But he was very good. EXCELLENT


Very dedicated and honest.

Goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Made our entire process from start to finish very smooth. Took the hassle away from us! Highly recommend the Panchal Team as your agents!


Very well experienced in his line, Romesh Panchal and Sonal Panchal helped us on all aspects of getting our ideal home.

We are lucky to have worked with him.


Romesh and Sonal are very knowledgeable and extremely hard working.

We are first time home buyer and they thoroughly guided us in every step and help to resolve all our confusions. We have a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend them.


I highly recommend Romesh Panchal as your realtor.

He has a lot of knowledge, very attentive to his clients, excellent negotiation skills , very honest, overall great person and he is also very quick in responding back to you... To me, Romesh didn't only became my realtor, He also became a great friend.

Paula Moitoso

I and my wife are very impressed with Romesh and Sonal.

He has done fantastic work for us. We found he has a lot of knowledge about real estate market. We never felt forced to make an offer. We wanted to move in Lake Nona where our work is near and he did an absolutely great job. He showed us many houses without any hesitation and the best part about him that he is always more focused on answering our questions or concerns. Panchal Realtor is the best! They are very professional and honest.

usa srinivasa

We met Mr.

Panchal through a friend. He came very highly recommended. We have been extremely pleased with him. He helped us with our purchase and helped us close in six weeks!!!! He is not very pushy and listened to us and worked tirelessly to find our dream home. We have bought and sold several homes and dealt with several realtors but he is the best so far. He is an excellent human being. He even helped us change the lock after closing!!! We would recommend him to all our friends without any hesitation. Thank you Mr. Panchal!!!


Romesh is a wonderful realtor - the best!

My wife and I were first time home buyers from out of state which can present additional struggles to viewing homes. I myself travel for work and was unable to view homes in person. Romesh made the extra effort to not only assist my wife in viewing homes in person, but he also communicated with me throughout the entire process. From the first contact throughout the closing process he was there for us every step of the way. We definitely recommend working with Romesh!


Romesh Panchal and his team were very professional to sell our investment property in Florida.

It was pleasure to work with someone with in-depth knowledge of the market and were able to delivery results in timely manner. Since we were dealing with this transaction from California Romesh and his team made it so easy for us and they took care of all local matter with very professional manner. Our Sell went very well.


I worked with Romesh Panchal to purchase our first home.

As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the terminology or the best process people to involve. He did a fantastic job of finding out what we wanted and setting up a customized search for us. He clearly understands our budget and boundaries, helped to find a nice unit in a nice location. We would select properties to visit weekly (or sometimes faster) and he was very flexible about showing us them after hours and on weekends. He is highly professional, knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time. He is completely open to hearing what you have to say. He answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying a home in this market is challenging, but working with Romesh made it as painless and straightforward as possible. We highly recommend him.


Very professional , the experience was 1st classes.

Romesh was always available to answer any questions, and was very patience during the search progress . He is awesome at finding investment properties!


excellent service.

Mr Panchal is very detailed and helped on all aspects of the purchase, he went above & beyond. Would definitely would use Mr. Panchal again for my future real estate needs


Mr Panchal was very profestional in showing me the property and my needs as to what I wanted.

He spent a lot of time with me for going through different properties before we found the right one .He was very detailed with the negotiation and with all the paper work needed for closing the deal.


We first made contact with the Panchals from Michigan and expressed our desire to buy a home for us.

He and his wife Sonal took great pains to find us a house as per our specifications. They were very co-operative and accomodative and also helped us in many ways to move into the newly purchased house. Within 6 months our son also bought a house through the Panchals and again the experience of buying and moving in were made easy and comfortable. I have been recommending the Panchal real estate team to all our friends. I will give them an excellent rating.



Romesh has helped me immensely on this real estate deal. The sellers agent was giving us trouble with ever changing conditions which Romesh caught at the earliest and sorted the contractual agreement for any missing items such as the down-payment conditions etc. Romesh showed me around 30- 40 properties and gave me all details of each property. He has intricate knowledge on the sqft. price of the local properties and any inflated prices and warned me ahead on some properties. He negotiated the exact price i wanted for the house and was able to convince the seller on many of our conditions. He would always pick up my call when i had questions. or call me back within 2 minutes of my call. He always had enough time even in late evening when we had to sign the documents. A very organized real estate agent, always had the energy to answer all my questions and show me the properties. the whole deal went thru so smooth. His has covered me on liabilities related to any potential damages or unforeseen conditions on the property I would like to work with Romesh on all my future real estate ventures as he is some one who goes the extra mile to make me happy.

Shiv kompella

Romesh Panchal is very knowledgeable real estate professional.

Good negotiator and communicator, he sold our house at list price and within expected time frame. Would definitely recommend him for real estate needs.


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